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Would you like a fully catered training camp in Portugal/Eastern Algarve or Spain/Andalusia? Then SportsAlgarve offers complete and affordable packages for groups of all ages and levels.  You have come to the right place for many different types of sports.  A training camp is a great opportunity to spend a few days intensively with each other with the aim of team spirit  to reinforce.

If you have any special wishes regarding your training camp, please do not hesitate to discuss them. SportsAlgarve puts together all the arrangements itself and supervises the training camps on site. 

It is only a 3 hour flight to the south of Portugal and Spain, which makes the trip attractive.  At all our destinations you stay a short distance from the training complexes so that you do not have to make "long" trips to train.

On arrival at Faro/Seville airport you will be met by our escorts. These are recognizable in the arrivals hall with a sign with the name of your association.  A bus is waiting for you to take you to your destination. During your stay you will be assisted and guided by the SportsAlgarve team members.​​

We want you as much as possible take over the organization, that is why we offer free of charge during your stay our E XCLUSIVE Sport Algarve  Sports package available.
It's great to be able to experience a football camp abroad with your own trainers. As an extra, every player will be offered a free SportsAlgarve shirt on the last day.
You train at the internationally highly regarded sports complex of Vila Real de Santo Antonio in Portugal / Algarve
Do you want a fully catered training camp in Portugal/Algarve, then SportsAlgarve offers complete and affordable packages for groups of all ages and levels. You train with your water polo team in the Olympic outdoor pool in Loulé.
 All our arrangements are without a plane ticket. Book the cheapest flight yourself. 
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