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SportsAlgarve football packages

For a fully catered training camp you have come to the right place in the south of Europe for several reasons. It is not without reason that it has been a popular location for athletes from all over the world for years. To train carefree with your team, the available training facilities and the quality of the stadiums are paramount. According to SportsAlgarve, this must be at least at the same level as in your home country and of course at a minimum distance from the accommodation. The great thing about sport is that it can be practiced anywhere in the world. When organizing a training camp, you therefore have a wide choice when it comes to locations. Yet in few destinations you will find everything your team needs in addition to a pleasant climate and

high-quality sports facilities. A trip from home by plane of a maximum of a few hours takes you to the beautiful Portugal / Algarve or to the Spanish / Andalusia, where it is very affordable locally for every budget. Also check your big advantage of our exclusive SportsAlgarve Sports package.

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Vila Real de Santo Antonio

Portugal / Algarve

Guesthouse Arenilha
Price v.a. ​€ 201.00 p.p.
Monte gordo.jpg

Monte Gordo

Portugal / Algarve

Hotel Pr1me Energize
Price on request
Hotel Baia   
Price v.a. ​€ 212,50 pp



Portugal / Algarve

Dom Jose Beach Hotel

Price on request

Portugal / Algarve

Agua Hotels Riverside
Price on request

Top sport locations
Overzicht 1.jpg
Rio Maior Portugal / Santarém

Prijs op aanvraag

Moncarapacho Portugal / Algarve


Prijs op aanvraag

Islantilla Spanje / Andalusië

All our packages are without a flight ticket. Book the cheapest flight yourself.
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